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The Process

Suzanne Perron designs custom gowns for brides and debutantes. We make once-in-a-lifetime gowns in white and ivory. Perron focuses on making exquisite gowns designed and constructed individually for each client. Perron understands that in bridal you are not looking to be fashion forward. You want to be beautiful - fashionable, yet somewhat timeless.

Suzanne Perron is known for beautifully designed flattering silhouettes - designs that are unique, ethereal, romantic, and feminine. With a perfect foundation and a perfect fit being key, Perron designs from the inside out. She collaborates with the client from sketch to finished garment. Her goal is to create a gown complementary to the bride’s personality, style, and body type. That is what she offers her clients - an opportunity to have the perfect gown designed and constructed just for her to ensure her radiance on that special day.

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