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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance of my wedding should I schedule an initial consultation?
We recommend clients come to us six to eight months in advance of the wedding. However, clients that give us more time will have additional flexibility in design and fitting schedules. Also, please take into account time necessary to accommodate pre-wedding photography or destination travel.

What if my wedding is less than six months away?
We can make a gown in as few as four weeks if our schedule permits. This is not optimal as rush charges may be incurred and fabrication, fitting, and design options may be somewhat limited.

What do I need to bring to my initial consultation?
While some clients arrive prepared with very specific ideas, others allow for us to have complete creative freedom. Please bring pictures of gowns or design elements that you like. The more information the better. We will also discuss factors that influence design. These include time and location of the wedding, formality of the event, and type of reception. The goal is to create a gown complementary to your personality, style, and body type. A few friends and relatives are welcome to join us.

I have seen several different gowns that I love. How do I choose one silhouette?
That is where we come in. You do not have to choose one silhouette. In a custom made gown, we can blend design elements from several gowns into one unique creation.

I have found the dress of my dreams at retail? Will you duplicate it for me?
If you have found the dress of your dreams, buy it! We are here to create unique one of a kind creations. A custom gown takes time and effort and if you are happy with something in the market, we would recommend buying it.

What if I am planning to lose weight?
With advanced notice, we can take new measurements and schedule the construction of your gown to correspond with your weight loss target date.

How much does a Suzanne Perron gown cost? When do I need to pay a deposit?
Our custom gowns start at $6,000. Intricacy of construction, fabric consumption, and use of lace and beading are factors that will increase cost. A 50% deposit is due when the sketch and fabrics are chosen. The balance is due with the completion of the muslin fitting.

Where are Suzanne Perron gowns made?
Our gowns are made here in our Magazine Street atelier. The designer, Suzanne Perron, oversees the entire process.

Do you work with out of town clients?
We do work with out of town clients. The initial consultation and the initial design phase can be done via phone, email, and mail if the client can provide accurate measurements. Fittings in our New Orleans studio are preferred. However, off site fittings can be arranged. Transportation costs will be the responsibility of the client.

Why New Orleans?
Suzanne is thrilled to bring her gifts, her talents, and her experience home to New Orleans to open a small business. She wants to embrace the entire design process by designing a gown from start to finish for individual clients. She is committed to each client receiving a gown of utmost quality. Suzanne wants to create design jobs locally and keep our talent home. She is committed to bringing something beautiful to the city of New Orleans. New Orleans is a city known for its artistry in music, food, craftsmanship, and architecture. It makes sense to make beautiful romantic wedding gowns in a beautiful historic city.


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